Another way this question was asked (by members of the Core Team) was:  “Is this a concept to grasp and apply?”

The short answer to both questions is:  “Yes.”

To be clear about this:

  • There are certain concepts that will be critical to understand, in the material you will be learning here.
  • We will be explaining those concepts from the very start, in the free report.  (If you haven’t yet downloaded and read it, I recommend that you do.)  We will be expanding on the concepts introduced in the free report inside the learning materials in the training course, and in the expert interviews we will be doing shortly.
  • There will be suggested techniques, tactics, and approaches to try — that should help you learn what you need, in order to actually use what you’ve learned — and be able to practice it in any ways you like in your life.

If you have had some of those same questions, this is your answer 🙂  Hope it helps!