One question that came up during the preparation of these materials is:  “How long does it take to learn how to do this?”  And it’s sister question:  “How long before I can start using these techniques?”

There are sixteen lessons, delivered once a week over sixteen weeks.  (That’s 4 months, for those of you who are math-challenged.)  However, beginning with Lesson Five, you will be learning how to actually connect with Nature Intelligence.  There are four weeks of intense preparation that you will need to do first, to ensure optimal results when you start connecting directly.  You can’t really skip that preparation.

So the short answer is that it will take a little more than a month before you get to the stage where you are ready to begin practicing the techniques we will be teaching you.  Some people will need to practice longer than others before they see results; a great deal depends on what you came to these teaching with, that you already know AND is useful.  Some of the things you may have learned before you came here will definitely NOT be useful — and we’ll point out which ones they are.

There will also be a series of calls with experts in the field, who are already partnering with Nature Intelligence in their lives and their work.  We haven’t got them all finalized yet, so we aren’t sure how many there will be.  I can tell you that we have a short list of 15 already, though 🙂

We’d be crazy if we promised that you will be able to learn and use this material in a specific amount of time — because everyone is a complete individual, with your own background, learning styles, and capabilities.  But I will say this:  if you go through the entire training, do all the homework, and still can’t get it to work for you — we will do one of two things:

  • Work with you until you DO have success.
  • Refund all your membership fees in full.

You can’t beat a guarantee like that!  Either you succeed (after you gave it your 100% best shot) or we help you until you do succeed, or you get your money back.  Period.  Your choice.

But you know what the real risk is?

What if we’re right, but you decide not to join and learn How To Partner With Nature?

I don’t know what else will happen for you, but I know one thing for sure — you will be missing out on one of the most amazing and satisfying relationships you will ever have in this lifetime.

(Not to mention all that super-great manifesting that would have been going on as a result.  Just saying. . . )