This is one of the questions a Core Team member (Melissa Rudden) asked, when she was just starting to work with us.  Melissa is experienced in working closely with Nature and with the Devic realm, and wondered how what we are teaching here will be different.  That’s a great question!  And I wanted to answer it here, so that those of you who may find yourselves attuned to this topic, can know what’s here for you too.

Here’s how I responded to Melissa — and how I’d answer this question for anyone who asks.  How to Partner With Nature is a complete system that will include what you already may know, and lead you to explore at greater depth some things you may or may not have experienced on your own. We will greet you wherever you are in your path, and lead you to explore at greater depth some things that will expand your knowledge and experience in ever more practical ways.

In short:  yes, there is more to know!   It’s my personal belief that no one person can know everything there is to know, either.  We all benefit from one another when we share what we know with someone who only knows one corner or piece of it, and they with us.  For those of you who are already working with Nature in some way, there will be much here to discover too.

What most people know and understand about Nature is not the same thing one needs to know and understand to be able to work co-creatively with Nature Intelligence.  Going a step further, what most people know and understand about Nature is passive.  They usually experience Nature as something like an “atmosphere” or a “scene” — even when they clearly are moved by the beauty and energy they experience from BEING in Nature.  That’s a very different thing that what we’ll be exploring here.

You can be an appreciator of Nature without having a clue about Nature Intelligence, communicating clearly with Nature, and working co-creatively with Nature Intelligence directly.  If you are not already doing these things, then yes there will be more to learn. If you ARE already doing these things, there will be ways to expand and improve upon what you know.  And there will be a community of people with whom you can share, as well as a system that (should you choose) you can offer to others later on.

We hope that wherever you are in your journey, we can meet you with open heart — and offer you a deeper and even more meaningful relationship with Nature Intelligence that you can apply to your life, your work, and your world.